Sunday, August 5, 2018

Sofia: August 2nd

August 2 - Early start today! Steffi met us at the hotel so that we could do some shopping for our Bulgaria kids who no longer live in Lom. Zoiko, Dobri, and Misho met us in downtown Sofia. Zoiko is a student at the university, and Dobri will begin his university studies soon. Misho and his sister Krasa also live and work in Sofia. We have known these guys since 2007.

We are so proud of the responsible, hardworking young men that they have become. Marinka and her baby son Christo joined us also. Marinka is a very dedicated mom, and Christo is so adorable! He was unbelievably content during several hours of shopping and walking around downtown Sofia. 

Dorene, a former orphanage resident and now a young man in his twenties, joined us for
supper. He has been working in Sofia for four years now. He works at a gas station full time (No self service gas pumps in Bulgaria!) and also does construction work as a part time job. Dorene says that he was able to get this job because he learned a lot working along side our FBC men doing renovation work on the orphanage.

Our first trip to Lom was in 2007. This year we are celebrating ten years of successful mission trips and wonderful friendships in Bulgaria. We hope that we have made a difference in the lives of our children in Lom. They have certainly been a blessing for all of us.

Now for the not-so-good news: Steffi received a call from the van rental place saying that the van we were supposed to get tomorrow morning had been in a wreck. Unfortunately, this was the only van that they had with automatic transmission. They promised to do their best to find another van with automatic transmission and would deliver it tomorrow morning as promised. We hope for the best but fear the worst!

Dobri, Misho, and Zoiko 

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