Saturday, July 11, 2015

Day 2: Lom

Today we left Sofia around 10am and headed to Lom...making it there safely with David at the wheel!    We only got honked at once....

After checking into our hotel and eating lunch, we drove to the Group Home.  The Group Home is home to nine children who had previously lived in the orphanage.  These children were selected to live in the group home as a "state experience" a few years ago--testing out the idea of a foster home.  They have three caretakers and live in a much cleaner, more up-to-date home.  The kids greeted us with hugs, flowers, and gifts.  Katia, the group home leader, updated us on the children who currently live there and on some of the kids who have moved out.  Everyone is doing really well!

Welcoming us back!

Katia, the director of the Group Home and Kris Angelov

After spending time there, we drove to the orphanage where we were met by several old and new faces! We spent the afternoon meeting new friends, re-connecting with the children who have been there in the past and coming up with projects for the week.

Tomorrow we are going to church down the street and then to the orphanage around 2:00 to play games and do crafts with the kids.  We are looking forward to a great week together in Lom!

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