Thursday, July 27, 2017

Day 2: Mezdra, Montana, and Lom

Today after doing a little shopping in Sofia while the men toured a couple of churches, we went to Mezdra. While in Mezdra we went to one of the group homes to visit and tour the facility where Asia, Bobby, and Sylvia live.  Afterwards we walked to town with Asia,  Bobby and Sylvia. 

While in town we bought them shoes and school supplies as well as two board games. Asia has been adopted and will be moving to Seattle Washington in August. Some of the team left their addresses and phone numbers for her in case she needs us for anything. She has already taken some English lessons.

Our next stop was to see Kassandra in Montana. She is 16 now and has a year old little boy. Of course this is not an ideal situation. It took 30 minutes to convince her boyfriends family to let them come see us. The family would only let her come with the baby if a family member came too. So they finally got to the restaurant where we were waiting and we got to visit for awhile. 

While in Montana we picked up  two of our favorites.....Zoran  and Alex! They are coming with us  to Lom and we will drop them back home on our way back to Sofia on Sunday.  They will be staying in the group home they used to stay in before going back to live with their mother and step-dad. 

Accomplished  a good bit today even with the police stopping Emily!!!! No ticket!


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