Friday, July 28, 2017

Day 3: Zoran and Alex

We first met brothers Zoran and Alex in 2007. The boys quickly became Wayne’s favorites. He was immediately impressed by Zoran’s athletic ability and spent lots of time throwing the football with him. Zoran was also quite clever and charming; he had a way of getting what he wanted. 

Alex’s sweet smile made everyone fall in love with him. After returning home from Bulgaria, obviously, we talked about Zoran and Alex a lot. Dylan began referring to them as his two new little brothers. If Wayne could have brought them home with us, he would have. Although Zoran and Alex had parents, most of their young lives had been spent in the orphanage. 

In the fall of 2012 the boys were finally reunited with their mom and lived in a beautiful town in a mountainous section of northern Bulgaria. Our group visited them in 2013. Both boys were happy and healthy and were thrilled to show us around their new town. Because Zoran was athletically gifted, he had the opportunity to go to a special school for talented athletes. 

The boys now live with their mom and stepdad in Montana, an area south of Lom. They go to a technical school that focuses on agriculture and mechanics. They live at school five days a week and come home on the weekend. Although they are young men now, they have retained their boyish charm. Their lives are happy, full of family and friends. Wayne would be so pleased and so proud of them!


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